iPad Mini 1, 2, & 3 LCD Repair

iPad Mini 1, 2, & 3 LCD Repair

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The LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display ) displays the image on your iPad using the same technology as most flat screen TV's. LCD units are generally very fragile and susceptible to damage.

Common faults / issues with LCDs include:

  • Screen looking washed out, very dull colours and less clarity then usual
  • Dead pixels - When a pixel on the LCD no longer works, usually visible on a white background it will be a tiny black square
  • Stuck pixel - When a pixel is stuck on a colour, usually visible on any background and will generally be stuck on white, green, blue or red.
  • No backlight - When the backlight on the LCD fails the picture can be very hard or impossible to see.
  • Lines on the LCD - these can be a variety of coloured lines displaying either horizontally and / or vertically
  • Damaged LCD, generally damaged LCDs can be bruised, cracked or "bleeding" when a black liquid is visible over the picture
  • In modern touch screen devices digitizers are fitted over the LCD and respond to touch, these are separate to the LCD, replacing the LCD wont cure issues with the touch panel.
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