iPad Air 2 Touch Screen & LCD Repair

iPad Air 2 Touch Screen & LCD Repair

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The iPad Air 2 digitizer touch panel & LCD screen are fused the entire unit has to be replaced as one to either repair a smashed touch screen or damaged LCD. 

Common faults / issues with digitizers & LCD that will require this repair include:

  • Touch panel no longer responding - if you can se the picture ok but the device is not responding to touch
  • Touching the panel causes unexpected or erratic movements - this will require a replacement digitizer.
  • Impact damage - glass digitizers are very easily damaged, generally the will crack or shatter - depending on the extent of the damage it may still work but in not advisable due to safety.
  • Scratches - plastic digitizers are very susceptible to scratches, several light scratches build up making the phone look tatty and harder to view
  • LCD Bleed or bright spots.
  • Cracked LCD
  • Ripples on the LCD image,
  • Verticle lines along the LCD (LCD Flex damage)
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