All refurbished iPhones & iPads from Tech Direct Store go through a quality control process prior to sale including full diagnostics & manual testing.

For additional peace of mind all our refurbished devices come with the following warranty.

3 Months Warranty Cover

  • The 3 months warranty which covers all defects with the device, parts & workmanship.

Whats Not Covered

  • Damage to the device
  • Misuse of the device
  • Liquid damage
  • Software related issues
  • Warranty is void if the device is opened or repaired by a different company

If you have any problems with your refurbished device please contact us we will be happy to resolve any issues.

Contact us directly via email at: sales@techdirectstore.co.uk

Tech Direct Store 3 Month Repair Warranty

All repairs are carried out to the highest possible standards in the unlikely event of a problem with your repair we offer a full 3 months warranty for your peace of mind.

3 Month Warranty Cover

  • All the parts and labour involved in any repairs done by Tech Direct Store are covered by our 3 months warranty

Whats Not Covered

  • Any subsequent damage caused to the device after the repair
  • Damage resulting from misuse
  • Any kind of Liquid Damage
  • Software related issues
  • Faults not relating to the original repair done
  • Loss of data (please backup your device before getting repaired)
  • Our warranty is void if a repair is done on the device by a different company after our repair

If you need to discuss a problem with your repair please email us directly at: sales@techdirectstore.co.uk